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KS2 SATs Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 10-Minute Tests

Type: KS2 SATs
The 10-Minute Tests are short, timed tests designed to consolidate skills and build speed and confidence as children approach the SATs. Ideal for independent work sessions at home, the tests provide essential bite-sized practice of key national test topics. KS2 SATS Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 10-Minute Tests contains eighteen grammar and punctuation tests and ten spelling tests.

The grammar and punctuation tests contain a mixture of multiple choice, matching, short answer and extended answer questions, and the spelling tests are presented as cloze sentences with accompanying scripts for parents to read aloud to their child. Questions are presented in the same style and format as those in the SATs, and the tests become gradually more challenging throughout the book. Pull-out answers ensure quick and easy marking and a progress chart allows you to record scores and track improvement.