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Gecko Run Starter Kit

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Type: Games

Flexible tracks, fast curves and clever additions: Each component is individually attached to vertical, smooth surfaces using residue-free nano adhesive pads and can be moved, adjusted and fine-tuned in a matter of seconds.

Whether over obstacles, on doors, glass panes, tiles or shelves – the “Gecko Run” tests what is possible!

The kit has no restrictive support structure and doesn’t clutter up the floor so children can decide for themselves how challenging their route will be.

Learning about gravity and velocity has never been so much fun!

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Built from durable materials with tracks made from renewable raw materials – this marble run is eco friendly and is made in Germany.

Easy to store – less clutter as can be kept off the floor
Great range of expansion kits
No sticky residue
Starter set contains: 27 adapters, 12 lanes, 2 levers, 4 track turns, 3 track bridges, 1 switch, 1 funnel, 7 steel balls, 40 nano adhesive pads, 1 set of colour illustrated instructions