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11+ Essentials - 3-D Non-verbal Reasoning Book 2

Non-verbal reasoning skills are commonly tested in the 11 plus and Common Entrance exams, such as those set by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), compiled by Durham University, and Granada Learning (GL), also known as NFER. The non-verbal reasoning section of these exams typically contains both 2D and 3D non-verbal reasoning questions. Non-Verbal Reasoning: 3D aims to develop the skills required to solve 3D non-verbal reasoning questions.

This book comprises topic-specific tests covering 3D views, 3D composite shapes, 3D cube nets, 3D plan views, and mixed tests. The online Peer-Compare system helps identify areas for improvement and gauge progress relative to other children taking the same tests. Extensively road-tested by Eleven Plus Exams, all 11+ Essentials tests are best used as real exam practice to strengthen a child's performance.

They are perfect for use both in the classroom and at home.