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11+ Essentials Verbal Reasoning: Vocabulary in Context Level 2

An effective way of mastering difficult new vocabulary is learning through context which has the additional benefit of improving comprehension skills. This book contains intentionally difficult and unfamiliar vocabulary to encourage students to infer the meaning of new words from the context of the given passage (Classic or Contemporary). The Vocabulary in Context series contains four books which increase in levels of difficulty.

This encourages consistent, long-term development of reading skills. The purpose of this book is to develop further the skill of reading in context and not for learning or memorising new vocabulary. 11+ students are not expected to know or learn all 375 words, but instead to work with the combination of the passage, example sentences and the definitions given to help deduce meanings of unfamiliar words.

This book targets the key skills involved in comprehension and is a unique form of study for the 11+. Other features of this book include an interesting word origin or idiom on each page. It should be an integral component of a student's 11+ essentials toolkit.